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Paediatrics Department

Dr. Neeraj Gupta

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta (Newborn & Child Specialist) after completing his Post Graduation got opportunity to work in Bombay in various prestigious hospitals in india under guidance of renowned paediatrician and learned a lot from them and mastered the field.Ater this did his DNB in paediatris from Delhi & later started his career in Paras Hospital and got opportunity to work under guidance of Dr Amitava Sen Gupta who is known figure in pediatrics field.

The dedicated Pediatric team focuses on the care and health of children till 18 years of age. Their clinical expertise, outpatient and diagnostic facilities and inpatient facilities in a safe and caring environment instils confidence and promotes healing. Paediatric Department provides a full range of tertiary pediatric care, health promotion and prevention programs for children and adolescents. The medical staff has responded to the changing needs of children requiring inpatient care by developing need-based clinical services.

Paediatrics is related to the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. It is a wide-range speciality which enables doctors to be generalists who treat children and young people with a vast range of diseases and illnesses. A paediatrician can also specialise in certain medical fields related to children.

The Department of General Pediatrics is committed to improve the health of children in our society by modelling the best practices of general Pediatrics and promoting the role of the general paediatrician as a provider of primary health care doctor for children and their families with Care, Commitment and Compassion.

Paediatrics Surgery is a distinctive specialty which is age based whereas other specialties are either system or organ based e.g. Neuro Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, or they are technique oriented e.g. Plastic Surgery. As a result of its specific nature it comes in conflict with not only General Surgery but also with other surgical specialties. Questions often come up like whether hydrocephalus in an infant is better managed by a Neuro Surgeon or a Paediatric Surgeon or in case of a hypospadius who should operate - a Paediatric Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon or a Urologist. Such entities should be managed by any specialist who is competent irrespective of the label, but the fact remains that the most essential attribute of a Paediatric Surgeon is a perfect understanding of the child and not the surgical skill alone. The field of Paediatric Surgery varies from place to place. In general, Paediatrics Surgery covers all the abdominal surgery (G.I. Surgery & Genito Urinary Surgery), general procedures and a wide range of congenital malformations and deformities.

Having a child in the hospital can be one of the most difficult and upsetting periods for any parent. You are bound to be anxious and may not know what to expect. Our aim is to provide holistic care to the children in an environment which is sensitive to the needs of the child and the family. Our experts of various paediatric specialities function as a team to make sure that the child and the family get the care and support that they duly deserve.

“Every year is vital in the life of a child.” - Jack McConnell

As a team, we are committed to provide care and services that are guided by the needs of families and are perceived as flexible, accessible, responsive and sensitive. Therefore, we develop systems that enable staff to respond to family preferences and priorities in a timely and creative manner.

We believe that care should be provided by an identifiable health care team that includes families as an integral part of developing a plan and caring for their children. The family-professional partnership is based on mutual respect for the understanding that each brings to the situation.

We strive to provide coordinated care and linkages between our services and the family's community, including schools, local physicians, services and agencies.